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ELBCAM ELB Explosionsschutz BensheimELB ex Geräte Bensheim: Herstellung und Vertrieb von (Ex)-Geräten, (Sch)-Geräten, Überdruckkapselungen, Ex p Geräte für Schlagwetterschutz

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Ex p Control units
Ex p Printer
Ex p Air Conditioner (shortly available)
Ex p Cabinets
Ex p Custom-made Products
Ex PC's and Remote Monitoring
Ex i Barcode Laserscanner
Ex i Intrinsic Safe Devices
Ex i Keyboard/Mouse Interface
Ex d Contactors and Switches


Die Ex i Kamera für Ex-Bereiche: klein, schnell, immer dabei

-- NEU Jetzt 256MB Flash für mehr als 400 Bilder --

ELBCAMThe new Ex i camera for hazardous areas "ELBCam 1" from E.L.B. Ex-Geraete finally offers you a fair-priced quick and easy possibility for documentation inside of the Ex zones 1 and 2. With just a click it records contents of parcels, production and manufacturing procedures, terminal wirings, inspection places and more. The normal distance from the subject is 1 m to infinite; in the "macro" mode it takes sharp pictures at distances from 15 to 30 cm. If the subject lies in darkness, you can perfectly illuminate it with the Ex torch ELBLite 28+

The physical resolution of the ELBCam 1 sensor is already better than the one of a 19" screen, but after interpolation it reaches even 5 megapixels. Due to its light weight and handy size it is applicable in nearly every place. Optical indicators instead of acoustic signals make it useful even in noisy industry environments.

This very small Ex i camera approved for Ex zones 1 and 2 with USB port is exciting because of its easy handling, its small size and its favourable price. With its internal 256 MB flash memory it can store more than 400 pictures. Data storage is guaranteed for 10 years at least.

"Hot plug & play" enables easy connection with the USB port of a PC or laptop. Data exchange with the PC in both directions is the same as with a standard USB stick. No driver software is necessary for Windows ME / 2000 / XP and Mac OS 9.x or higher. For older operating systems the necessary software is to install from the CD enclosed with the camera.

The Ex i photo camera can also be used easily as an USB-stick for data storage and transport.

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