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Firmengebäude ELB Explosionsschutz BensheimELB ex Geräte Bensheim: Herstellung und Vertrieb von (Ex)-Geräten, (Sch)-Geräten, Überdruckkapselungen, Ex p Geräte für Schlagwetterschutz

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E.L.B. - About us

We are headquartered since more than 30 years in Bensheim /Bergstrasse and a long time member of the Association of German Engineers(VDI) and the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE).

A quality management module according to the latest editions of International Standard ISO 9001 and ATEX Directive 94/9/EC is established since 1999, registered and continously supervised from the german TÜV-CERT .

ELB Ex Products 

We offer an extensive range of products that are all certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The range available embraces virtually every type of requirement and application, including Process Automation, Monitoring and Control, Electrical Installation, Test, Calibration and Communication. 

Information on the product range is available in three formats, catalogue, CD or an electronic version on the Inter-net. The CD and  electronic version offer a host of information including data sheets, operating instructions and Ex conformity certificates. All backed up by efficient and friendly customer support and on site service. 

Explosion Proof and Pressurised Solutions 

If you have standard equipment that requires installation in a hazardous area then we can offer you a customised solution based on either pressurisation (Ex p) explosion proof or flameproofed (Ex d) protection technology. 

Utilising enclosures from leading manufacturers and the latest digital purge controller our solutions are extremely competitive and can be delivered on time with all relevant certification complying with the latest standards. So whether you require installation of a barcode scanner in a hazardous area or a printer or large motor, ELB are the company to deliver to your requirements. 

Engineered Solutions 

The diversity of applications in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas industries often means that standard products on the market are not suitable in their own right for the users requirements. However with certain modifications or the integration of several devices these applications can be satisfied.

ELB offers various services from the supply of a complete package of equipment, including documentation, training and commissioning for System Integrators and End Users to customised products to meet the specialised require-ments of OEM's. 

Training and Certification Services 

The ATEX directive introduced new legislation that is now embedded within the legal system which includes the need for the end user to have an Explosion Protection Document (EPD) for their hazardous areas or the training of personnel that work in these areas. 

We offer a range or services that can be tailored to your requirements from complete EPD’s embracing risk assessment and area classification to onsite courses covering the ATEX Use Directive and the Installation and Maintenance of Hazardous Area Equipment. Engineers who have experience of operating in hazardous areas, as well as having been employed in the capacity of certifying officers in some of the leading Notified bodies provide these services. 




TÜV-99 ATEX 1481 Q
DIN ISO 9001:2000



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